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» Materials for February 2013 year

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February Nudist GYM Purenudism - nudist pictures


2000px - 475mb - 614pic
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Summer Sun Nudists Purenudism - nudist pictures

There is nothing more desirable for nudist than great sunny day spent with family and friends on the beach. You can play beach games, swimming and just lie in the sun.

2000px - 924mb

Date 27-02-2013, 02:18, Download 11 406 Comments 0

Full Pool Naturist Freedom - Nudist Movie DVDRip

Full pool. Czech naturists families in the indoor pool.
In a little swimming pool, inside a small hotel, in a little country, but with a great heart of gold. That is my impression of this recording.

Name: Full Pool (Naturist Freedom). Avi
Size: 1.24 GB
Resolution: 576x416
Duration: 00:55:32


Avi - 576x416 - 55min - 1.24Gb
+ Vob version - 1.5Gb
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Children's Afternoon (Naturist Freedom) - naturists families in nature

Children's evening. Czech naturists families in nature.
Description: Classic documentary about nudism studio shot Naturist Freedom Czech nudists currently Children Afternoon talks about how local naturists, fans nude lifestyle, staged a collective family outings on a hot summer day. Had a good time - sunbathing, playing various sports games, contests and competitions conducted among both young nudists, and adults - cheerfulness and health guaranteed for a long time.
This day did not start very nicely. It was raining and raining right from the morning. However, in the end the sun came out and we had a chance to enjoy the time with children in a different way than watching television all the time.

Name: Children's Afternoon (Naturist Freedom). Wmv
Size: 1.65 GB
Resolution: 720x576
Duration: 00:57:07


Wmv - 720x576 - 57min - 1.65Gb
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Inflatable Slide (Naturist Freedom) - naturists in nature

Inflatable slide. Czech naturists in nature with an inflatable swimming pool and water slide.
The young, as well as the older members of our naturist organizations were interested in a new and special form of entertainment. They all agreed upon an inflatable slide. See for yourself whether their choice was the right one.

Name: Inflatable Slide (Naturist Freedom). Avi
Size: 1.44 GB (1,551,728,434 bytes)
Resolution: 720x480
Duration: 00:55:00


Avi - 720x480 - 55min - 1.44Gb
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Naked USA - Volume (1-2)(2-1)(2-2)(4) - California, Florida, Tehas, Arizona and Nevada - a nudist club

Authors of the film travels to the most famous holiday destinations in the U.S. nudists.
4 - Start your journey with the oasis in the Mojave Desert - a nudist club with its own mini-lake and two islands! Next, visit the brilliant Las Vegas, join the fun party in the backyard of the house and discover the hidden from view campground, known only to local nudists. Take a look at the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon in the continued journey. In Arizona, walk naked through the Rainbow Bridge, take part in the competition for teens throwing eggs and take a walk through the desert. Meet Tom at the nudist carnival. As a disabled person, he chose nudism to win recognition, and no matter what, to fully enjoy the sense of dignity.

Naked USA. Volume 1. California. Part 1 - (not found)
Naked USA. Volume 1. California. Part 2
Naked USA. Volume 2. Florida. Part 1
Naked USA. Volume 2. Florida. Part 2
Naked USA. Volume 3. Tehas - (not found)
Naked USA. Volume 4. Arizona and Nevada

avi - 640x480 - 240min - 1.7Gb
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Fun Filled Family Festival 2008 - Russian Bare Enature - nudist beach

(AWWC. 2008)
Filled with fun family festival. Cheerful family contests the Ukrainian nudist beach.

Even in the most beautiful of dreams one can not imagine anything more beautiful than nature. (Alphonse de Lamartine)

Name: Fun Filled Family Festival (AWWC. 2008). Mpg
Size: 1.42 GB
Resolution: 704x576
Duration: 1:12:03

Mpg - 704x576 - 72min - 1.4Gb
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Naked Celebrations (Synetech. 1997) - Australian naturists in nature

Fire dance party - Harmony.
Naked celebration. Australian naturists in nature and home.
Description: You will see a few sketches from the life of Australian nudists. In the first plot of the three girls, leaving her clothes in the car, go up to the mountain on the tourist route, meeting during his campaign ordinary tourists. As it turns out, we do not mind to see beautiful girls traveling naked in subsequent plots nudists walking in the woods tropicheskumu, travel to local natural attractions, sprayed each Druck, dance, learn to turn the burning rod, and just watch the sunset in his garden, relaxing after work. Completes the movie plot with nudistckogo beach, where Australians protest against attempts by the local police to ban nudism by levying large fines. Nudists swimming, sunbathing, coated with mud and dancing in the style of Australian Aborigines. The main idea of the film - in a modern society nudity ceases to be something taboo and obscene. Being naked - quite naturally and more people are not practicing nudism, nevertheless perceive a positive outlook nudists.

This film is a classic propaganda public nudism, initiating a series of studio films Synetech. It is mentioned in the history of public nudism.

Name: Naked Celebrations (Synetech. 1997). avi
Size: 1300 MB
Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 00:59:29
Year: 1997
Country: Australia
Genre: Documentary nudist / nudism / naturism
Directed by: Charles MacFarland
Studio: Synetech

mp4 - 640x480 - 1.3Gb - 60min
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Date 20-02-2013, 22:51, Download 5 430 Comments 1

Night Swimming Pool (Naturist Freedom) - night mystery naturists Avi

Night Swimming Pool. Czech naturists in the outdoor swimming pool.
The girls were waiting for the coming of the dark night in a beautiful swimming pool of a very luxurious hotel under two old castles. What they have waited to see remains a mystery for some of us.

Name: Night Swimming Pool (Naturist Freedom). Avi
Size: 867 MB
Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 00:55:32


Avi - 640x480 - 55min - 867mb
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Date 19-02-2013, 18:06, Download 13 288 Comments 1

Summer Vacation (Naturist Freedom) - naturist relaxation in nature

Summer vacation. Czech naturist relaxation in nature.
There are many new young faces among us on this holiday. The holiday is generally considered to be the best time for making new friendships and relations and you can be with us there!

Name: Summer Vacation (Naturist Freedom). Avi
Size: 848 MB
Resolution: 720x480
Duration: 00:55:27

Avi - 720x480 - 55min - 848mb
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Date 18-02-2013, 00:41, Download 7 233 Comments 1
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