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» Materials for June 2014 year

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Nude Yoga Workout - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb) Girls nudists

Occupation by yoga video nudism. Girls nudists synchronously under weakening music practice yoga.

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 55min
Date 29-06-2014, 04:07, Download 3 355 Comments 0
Wa(h)re Liebe - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb) naked lifestyle

Wa(h)re Liebe - FKK International

FKK - not just naked lifestyle, popularized in Germany, and going beyond it. Now people who are devoted to their favorite hobii, can be found in many developed and developing countries, and there is no longer considered a crime, but on the contrary - of people who are wearing more than a hat or sunglasses, to put it mildly ridiculed. Wa (h) re Liebe studied and showed the most interesting places to relax and socialize nudists and naturists FKK.
Naked and happy people are shown not only on the beaches, but also in shops, biking, etc.

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 100min
Date 28-06-2014, 03:43, Download 2 541 Comments 0
US nude Beaches Vol 4 - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb)  nudist beaches

Peeping for having a rest on nudist beaches of the USA.

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 88min
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Date 27-06-2014, 02:07, Download 2 502 Comments 0
Nude Family Aerobics - FKK 2004 - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb)

Epiphany of all ages gathered in this Hall to spend great family workout. Two coaches, Milan and Yana, are invited to check out this great crowd naturists. Lunges and push-ups, squats and bends, jumping and stretching-it all had to do a big, friendly crowd naturists. All were satisfied with both children and adults, and coaches and their players.

Name: Nude Family Aerobics (FKK)
Genre: nudism, naturism
Runtime: 00:58:40
Country: Europe

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 60min
Date 26-06-2014, 02:01, Download 6 954 Comments 0
Naked Society - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb) - bare society video

Why nudists are not ashamed of their naked species - bare society video. Documentary videos about naked community nudists, which is not ashamed of its kind and Refine their rules and practices in their families, growing hereditary nudists.

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 40min
Date 25-06-2014, 02:51, Download 3 786 Comments 0
Als die Nackten an die Ostsee kamen - (RbA 800x450 - 1.5Gb) nudism in Germany

Video nudism in Germany - Als die to see naked an die Ostsee kamen. Germany is one of the countries where nudism is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

MP4 - 800x450 - 1.5Gb - 44min
Date 24-06-2014, 04:04, Download 2 683 Comments 0
Euronat Euronatural Euronaturally - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb) video about nudism

Documentary video about nudism - Euronat. Live communication in the company's European friends nudists, when they are interviewed, they are not even ashamed of their naked kind and happy to go on contact with the reporter.

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 58min
Date 22-06-2014, 00:48, Download 2 744 Comments 0
Diary of a Teenage Nudist 2004 - (RbA 800x450 - 1.5Gb)

Notes of the girl of the teenager of the nudist of video. Video about the girl of the teenager who will of destiny gets to an environment of nudists and starting being interested a little in this culture, itself becomes the nudist, in passing writing down everything seen and heard in the notebook.

MP4 - 800x450 - 1.5Gb - 50min
Date 21-06-2014, 03:14, Download 19 395 Comments 0
CRN TV - Korubo - afight to the end. - (RbA 1280x720 - 1.5Gb) HD

The Korubo are more dangerous and hostile Indians of Amazonia, persecuted and massacred for centuries by the white man. Known as the crushing heads, had never been recorded. Never until a team of reporters saves a malaria attack to Maia, the queen of the tribe. In gratitude, the Korubo hand tend to accept recording equipment and traveling with them to the heart of the jungle.

MP4 - 1280x720 - 1.5Gb - 60min

New Atlantis Full Documentaries:

The last white men these Amazon hunters killed were three loggers on the Quixito River. The Korubo go out from time to time to collect some of the enemy's souls, to honor their dead and revenge them. Their hunting party begins on a low heat. A vegetable resin is the aromatic fuel for the hunting session to come. The weapon which defines them as a people, the club, is set aside for the moment. They sit on top of it, relaxed, before the cameras. The smoke, is the fragrant curtain of this centuries-old theater.

To kill men or animals, it is necessary to paint oneself red. This is what Shishu does. He uses the seeds of the annatto plant. The darts for the blowgun must be poisoned. Poison's main active ingredients are derived from a vine, which they scrape with a scraper that is made from the teeth of a monkey. These are a cultured and self-sufficient people.

The Korubo have a great appreciation for the river snails. They help them to refine their marksmanship. The shells are used to make the sites for their four meter long blowguns. After an hour, everything is ready for the hunt. Now the jungle will have to do its part.

Shishu adds counterweights to the darts impregnated with poison. He has gone out hunting for his wife, for his queen, and he listens attentively to what nature has to say. He is one of many. In these parts, nature's pyramid has no apex. Hunter and prey enjoy life equally and speak the same language.
Date 20-06-2014, 02:54, Download 3 119 Comments 1
CRN - Body art for Neptune. Koktebel 2010. - (RbA 1280x720 - 2Gb) HD

Ukraine. Crimea. Neptune Holiday in Koktebel. The annual summer festival of nudists in Ukraine. We were there and shot this video for you. Feel the spirit of freedom.

MP4 - 1280x720 - 2Gb - 45min
Date 19-06-2014, 05:41, Download 8 270 Comments 0
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