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Hot Yoga S01E01-03 Playboy

Come along with Kloe Terae as she teaches a class of willing and ready students how to use the ancient Indian practice of yoga to free their minds and their bodies.
Stick with the class as they shed their inhibitions and their clothing, discovering that naked yoga is even more liberating, more seductive, and ultimately, hotter!
With Ali Rose, Cloe Miranda, Khloe Terae
With Chloe Michelle aka Chloe Amour, Daniella Dior, Khloe Terae
With Ali Rose, Daniella Dior, Khloe Terae

MKV - 720p - 64min - 1.42Gb
AutorNatureTagsHD Posing Solo Sport Erotic Nude Yoga Playboy
Date 2-05-2017, 21:39, Download 2 216 Comments 0
Japan Naked Orchestra 2002 - A real female Japanese orchestra performs in the nude

Description: The film tells about the unique Japanese orchestra, which act naked girls.
Music and Nudity ~ This is the legendary zenra based amateur video from Soft On Demand studios which took place years ago and literally took the genre of melding art forms to new heights. Footage includes the auditions of the twenty female musicians, practice, and behind the scenes footage of perhaps the first and greatest nude symphony orchestra performing to hundreds of people in a concert hall in Japan. In the end everyone is very proud of the performance and the conductor completely breaks down in sobbing tears of the achievement while one nude musician in the corner is laughing her head off. Although this is an older video, you should definately have it in your collection.

Country: Japan
Studio: Zenra Soft On Demand
Release Date: 2002-10-05

mp4 - 720x540 - 141min - 3Gb
AutorNatureTagsNude Art Naturism Nudism Documentary Japan Music nude at work
Date 17-04-2015, 19:27, Download 4 630 Comments 1
Living With The Tribes: The Adventures of Mark and Olly (Season 3. Machigenga) Eng, Rus 2009

With the third season of the Travel Channel's popular series, journalist Oliver Steeds and survival expert Mark Anstice venture deep into recesses of the Peruvian Amazon to live amongst the Machiguenga tribe. Battling severe weather, harsh living conditions and savage wildlife, Mark and Olly immersed themselves in the culture of the indigenous people, from their hunting and survival techniques to their spiritual customs and rituals.

Mark & Olly: Living With The Machigenga (2009) PDTVRip

1 Strangers In The Rainforest
2 Heaven Or Hell
3 When A House Becomes A Home
4 Trouble In Paradise
5 Boys To Men
6 Paradise Lost
7 Father Of The Bride
8 The End Of The Affair

Xvid 720x400 (16:9) 25.00fps ~ 992Kbps
rus - MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz mono 128kbps
RUS - 720x400 - AVI - 2.75Gb

ENG - 720x480(854x480) - MKV - 6.2Gb


AutorNatureTagsAdventures Machigenga Travel
Date 16-04-2015, 18:05, Download 2 049 Comments 1
Living With The Tribes: The Adventures of Mark and Olly (Season 2. Mek) Eng, Rus 2008

World`s Lost Tribes: New Adventures Mark and Olly SATRip Discovery World

Climb high into the treacherous, mysterious central headlands of West Papua for the adventure of a lifetime! Extreme travelers Mark Anstice and Olly Steeds, newly minted members of the elusive Kombai Tribe in the southern swamps of West Papua, are on another quest to find and become accepted by one of the most fiercely independent and reclusive tribes in the world - the Mek. Experience the incredible journey along with Mark and Olly as they make friends (and enemies) among the Mekmen and learn the tribal laws and customs that make this ancient culture so fascinating.

The Journey Begins In this exciting first episode, Mark and Olly swing from a killer bridge, are confronted by an ax-wielding chief and then toss and turn through a sleepless night with 13 naked men.

The Test Mark and Olly are bossed around by Chief Markus, eat tadpole kebab, get roped into a wedding from hell and to their horror, hear tales of tribal revenge killings.

Life, Death and Initiation Chief Markus continues his tyranny of Mark and Olly, who suffer from sleep deprivation and attend an elder's funeral. But the fun is just starting as the intrepid pair is initiated in the tribe's traditional (and painful) penis gourds.

Home Sweet Home In this episode, Mark and Olly are reprimanded by Chief Markus for removing their penis gourds without his permission, but are allowed to build a men's hut (a Yawi) with the help of the tribesmen. Then they learn about the village's biggest-ever scandal - how Chief Marcus stole his wife, Kwrang, from another man, and hear that the tribe has accused one of their own of rape.

Dark Side of the Mek A sighting of suangi leaves the tribe terrified that they may be under attack by supernatural forces. As Mark and Olly help rebuild the village, Merringman's dark past rears its ugly head, and the tribe is forced to call on the services of a traveling shaman.

Bridging the Divide A food shortage calls for desperate measures and the tribe is forced to build a bridge across the river to get help from their traditional enemy, the village of Mine. Olly and Mark help the tribe turn materials found in the jungle into a 50-foot suspension bridge constructed without a single knot.

Battle of Beliefs Mark and Olly cross the bridge and visit the village of the Mekmen's traditional enemy where they find money, clothes and religion. But upon their return, they discover a beautiful girl is accused of casting an evil spell on their ailing Chief and also that the Bible appears to have a growing influence in the villagers' lives.

Farewell to the Mek Mark and Olly have been living with the mysterious Mek tribe of West Papua for three months, but now the two adventurers must return to the Western world. In this episode, a child is born, full-scale tribal confrontations erupt and Mark and Olly say goodbye.

1 "Journey to the Unknown"
2 "The Test"
3 "Birth, Death & Initiation"
4 "Home Sweet Home"
5 "Dark Side of the Mek"
6 "Bridging the Divide"
7 "The Battle of Beliefs"
8 "Farewell to the Mek"

Discovery Channel SATRip AVI DivX 4 MP3
1.600 Mbps,720х480(3/2),25.000 fps,DivX
1: Russian -96.0 Kbps,48.000 Khz,2 channels(MP3);
2: English -96.0 Kbps,48.000 Khz,2 channels(MP3);

AVI - 720х480 - 351min - 4.4Gb

ENG - 720x480(854x480) - MKV - 6.2Gb
AutorNatureTagsTribes Adventures Discovery Mek
Date 15-04-2015, 16:05, Download 2 243 Comments 1
Living With The Tribes: The Adventures of Mark and Olly (Season 1. Kombai) Eng, Rus HD720p 2007

Discovery Channel, Travel Channel 2007 - Mark & Olly: Living with the Tribes is the umbrella term for three documentary adventure reality television series that aired on BBC Knowledge and the Travel Channel which premiered in 2007. The program follows British explorers Mark Anstice and Oliver Steeds as they travel around the world to reside with underdeveloped indigenous peoples.
Living with the Kombai: The Adventures of Mark and Olly premiered in 2007. The season follows Mark and Olly as they live with the Kombai tribe of West Papua in Indonesia. The forest tribe demonstrates methods and techniques of solving problems using skills and tools unfamiliar to the Europeans. Mark and Olly do as the Kombai do 24 hours a day for the entire run of the show.

1. Finding the Kombai Tribe
2. Living off the Land
3. Home Sweet Home
4. Justice System
5. Giving Back

HDTVRip 720p MKV AC3
1280x720 (1.78:1), 25,000 fps, ~3857 kbps avg, 0.167 bit/pixel
Russian, AC-3, 224 Kbps, 6 Ch, Front: L C R, Surround: L R, LFE
English, AC-3, 384 Kbps, 6 Ch, Front: L C R, Surround: L R, LFE
Size - 7Gb

ENG - 720x432 - MKV - 4.7Gb
Date 14-04-2015, 12:30, Download 1 666 Comments 1
Nude Gymnastics Trapeze Artist Svetlana 02w - naturists movie 2007

wmv - 640x480 - 100mb - 7min
Date 2-03-2015, 16:18, Download 3 506 Comments 0
Euronat - nudists

AVI - 624x448 - 678mb - 50min
Date 14-01-2015, 01:46, Download 2 788 Comments 0
Diary of a Nudist (1961) Woman Reporter Poses as Nudist!

Newspaper editor Arthur Sherwood is on a hunting trip when he accidentally stumbles upon a nudist camp in the woods. He is very much shocked by this and decides to send reporter Stacy Taylor to the camp so she can write an expose on the camp and have it shut down. However, much to her surprise, Stacy finds that she enjoys the nudist lifestyle and writes some very positive articles on her experiences, which doesn't sit well with Arthur. Arthur then decides to join the camp himself and write his own story.

AVI - 720x576 - 700mb - 72min
Date 2-01-2015, 19:23, Download 2 594 Comments 1
Naturists in the Mountains

Where the rest naturists? We will visit the recreation in the mountains.

AVI - 720x480 - 714mb - 44min
Date 13-11-2014, 15:00, Download 3 391 Comments 0
My daughter the teenage Nudist - naturists movie 2012 TVrip (eng,rusub) RbA

Documentary about Mollie and Alex, who are among a growing number of teens and twentysomethings embracing the world of public nudity. Mollie and Alex are part of a growing group of teens and twenty-somethings embracing the world of public nudity. They are on a quest to normalise nudity, question the media's obsession with the body beautiful, and encourage other young people to liberate themselves by simply going naked - in the streets, in cafes or at art shows.

Release Date: 12 January 2012
Director: Amanda Blue

AVI - 800x500 - 1Gb - 47min
AVI - 800x600 - 1Gb - 47min rus
Date 6-08-2014, 21:17, Download 2 921 Comments 0
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