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Body Art Naturists - nudism art

To Coloring his naked body ...

AVI - 720x480 - 1.6Gb - 57min
Date 1-11-2014, 15:15, Download 5 052 Comments 0

2 nights in the life of Russian naturists. Ivana Kupala - a national holiday ritual. Family nudism in Russia. Moscow region, 1996-97 year. The real recording, no staging.

Ivana Kupala 1996-1997 (1+2) - (RbA) mp4 DVDrip

mp4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 60min

Rip by Ahsoka
Date 11-07-2014, 06:11, Download 2 727 Comments 0
Dreaming of Dolphins, ships and the sea! 2008 - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb+1.5Gb) + Bonus

Very good quality, with gorgeous colorful music documentary about the journey of several families of nudists in the Crimea. Paddle boating and yachting, swimming in the gentle and pure waters of the Black Sea in the reserved band Kara-Dag, burying in the sand and of course the dolphins. I do not know how it was able to negotiate the travelers to get to the dolphinarium, but the fact of the screen, dolphins and naked people … how beautiful it is and how to be kind I envy them … Translated the name of the movie in the sense, if someone saw the other can be more correct version, please write in the comments, and can fix it.
Dreaming of Dolphins (AWWC. 2008)

Dreaming of Dolphins - MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 60min
Review of the best films - MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 45min
Sample - MP4 - 720x540 - 100mb - 3min

Rip by Ahsoka
Date 6-07-2014, 03:39, Download 3 280 Comments 0
Bouncing Back - To Balmy Summer! - enature - (RbA 720x540 - 1.5Gb)

Set on the river bank close to the nude beach, our friends instigate a fun-filled picnic-party as only Ukrainian naturists know how, with no holds barred, as always. And if some of their antics might appear a little barmy as well as balmy, well, it is the beginning of summer, and no one can resist the call as we all go bouncing back into what, we hope, will be a fun-packed and very balmy summer. See the nudist boy hula hoop champion juggle multiple hoops at once.

MP4 - 720x540 - 1.5Gb - 55min
Date 1-07-2014, 22:27, Download 5 908 Comments 0

About the film: Incendiary nudism festival in sunny Bulgaria. And as always binding beauty contest among the young participants! Peter Dietrich''s award-winning documentary of a naturist festival on Varna Beach, Bulgaria. This annual event draws nudists from around Europe. Competitions are scheduled throughout the day to entertain the crowd. The highlight of the sunny day is when the ladies vie for festival queen and the title of Miss Nudist Contest sponsored by the Bulgarian Naturist Federation.

Bare & beautiful in Bulgaria - 2002 (2008) CRN RbA

Rip by Ahsoka

Genre: Nudism, Documentary
Director: Peter Dietrich
Release Date: November 24, 2002
Issued: Bulgaria KCN Productions
Duration: 00:59:30

Format: MP4
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 3255 kb/s, 720x540
Audio: MP3, 128 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 1.4 GB
Date 13-04-2014, 04:39, Download 6 157 Comments 0

Family Portraits 2 - (RbA) mp4 DVDrip Improved

One family goes hiking with friends, two families open their homes for a day. I love those old family portraits, carefully stored in my grandmother's trunk ...

Rip by Ahsoka (RbA 2013) Improved picture quality
mp4 - 720x540 - 1.4 Gb - 55 min
Date 7-11-2013, 23:16, Download 8 152 Comments 0

Educating Julie 1984 - (RbA) mp4 DVDrip Improved

Educating Julie - A shy college girl is assigned a school project to write a thesis on nudist recreation. A timid college student, Julie, is assigned to write a research paper on "Nudity in the 1980's" She and her boyfriend, Steve, visit several nudist clubs in England, the south of France and in Florida to learn about why people like nudism.

Rip by Ahsoka (RbA 2013) Improved picture quality
mp4 - 720x540 - 1.7Gb - 100 min
Date 6-11-2013, 23:13, Download 4 130 Comments 1

Fkk Family Album 1994 - (RbA) mp4 DVDrip Improved

Family nudism - a grand meeting of naturists. One of the film series "Family Album", telling about how they spend their leisure families whose members prefer to relax free of "textiles". Unfortunately, the nature of the forces they had no escape, so they settled in the yard of the local Lyceum, where a great time. There were also competitions and congratulations and dancing and just communion ... Be sure to download this video nudists and evaluate their friendly attitude towards each other and others. Large gathering to celebrate a christening. Mingling, refreshments, games and a teen dance routine exhibition. Video nudists on how the whole family gathered in the backyard of the Lyceum for communication. Children swimming in an inflatable pool, participate in sports activities. The parents came with their children and just acquaintances. Family nudism is becoming more popular among the fans of bare life - you can download this video from our site.

Rip by Ahsoka (RbA 2013) Improved picture quality
mp4 - 640x480 - 967 mb - 52 min
Date 5-11-2013, 14:30, Download 6 341 Comments 0

Holiday Families At Home 1995 - (RbA) mp4 DVDrip Improved

Holiday Families at Home - Enjoy the coming of Christmas as we visit the homes of three naturist families. The family naturists are in full swing preparing for the celebration of the New Year. Decorating the Christmas tree, gifts, holiday table ...

Rip by Ahsoka (RbA 2013) Improved picture quality
mp4 - 640x480 - 1.2Gb - 53 min
News edit Nature - 21-10-2015, 17:31
Reason: RE Upload

Date 4-11-2013, 14:24, Download 4 335 Comments 0

French Christmas Celebration Part 2 - 2008 - (RbA) mp4 DVDrip Improved

French Christmas Celebration Part 2 - The French sure now how to celebrate. Meet several lifelong Naturist families as the gather to celebrate Christmas with presents, decorations, carols and a visit from good old St. Nick.

Rip by Ahsoka (RbA 2013) Improved picture quality
mp4 - 720x500 - 1.17 Gb - 53 min
Date 26-04-2013, 20:55, Download 7 194 Comments 0
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