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Lola loves the beach - Full 1-4 - Nudist film
Quiet and measured life inhabitants nudist beach - 4 parts

avi - 720x540 - 328min - 3.56Gb
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Naked Celebrations (Synetech. 1997) - Australian naturists in nature

Fire dance party - Harmony.
Naked celebration. Australian naturists in nature and home.
Description: You will see a few sketches from the life of Australian nudists. In the first plot of the three girls, leaving her clothes in the car, go up to the mountain on the tourist route, meeting during his campaign ordinary tourists. As it turns out, we do not mind to see beautiful girls traveling naked in subsequent plots nudists walking in the woods tropicheskumu, travel to local natural attractions, sprayed each Druck, dance, learn to turn the burning rod, and just watch the sunset in his garden, relaxing after work. Completes the movie plot with nudistckogo beach, where Australians protest against attempts by the local police to ban nudism by levying large fines. Nudists swimming, sunbathing, coated with mud and dancing in the style of Australian Aborigines. The main idea of the film - in a modern society nudity ceases to be something taboo and obscene. Being naked - quite naturally and more people are not practicing nudism, nevertheless perceive a positive outlook nudists.

This film is a classic propaganda public nudism, initiating a series of studio films Synetech. It is mentioned in the history of public nudism.

Name: Naked Celebrations (Synetech. 1997). avi
Size: 1300 MB
Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 00:59:29
Year: 1997
Country: Australia
Genre: Documentary nudist / nudism / naturism
Directed by: Charles MacFarland
Studio: Synetech

mp4 - 640x480 - 1.3Gb - 60min
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