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Naked holidays are always a pleasure, and if you can bring a beautiful girl along, so much the better.
Kimberley is wonderful at a party, and provides lots of new ideas for fun. Dee enjoys a naked walk to a beautiful lake, and Andrea enjoys a super body painting. We watch the beauty of Liessel dancing and candles illuminating Gwen. Gwen enjoys a bowling bar, and finally Agi inspires Aneta at a crowded nightclub.
In the second disc, Gwen does lots of exercises, and Rob shows new games to a party of four girls. Andrea and Simona have fun dressed in the latest style, and Gwen becomes a tiger. Finally we have a medley of five girls on three visits to a great Barcelona nightclub called Roxy Blue.

Charles MacFarland Synetech Video

Holidays With Girls 2012 (Disc 2) - A film about nudists FHD 1080p

MKV - 1920x1080p - 80min - 2.5Gb
AutorNatureTagsNaturism Body Painting Naturist Games Public Nudity Synetech Video
Date 1-05-2017, 21:31, Download 2 448 Comments 0
Japan Naked Orchestra 2002 - A real female Japanese orchestra performs in the nude

Description: The film tells about the unique Japanese orchestra, which act naked girls.
Music and Nudity ~ This is the legendary zenra based amateur video from Soft On Demand studios which took place years ago and literally took the genre of melding art forms to new heights. Footage includes the auditions of the twenty female musicians, practice, and behind the scenes footage of perhaps the first and greatest nude symphony orchestra performing to hundreds of people in a concert hall in Japan. In the end everyone is very proud of the performance and the conductor completely breaks down in sobbing tears of the achievement while one nude musician in the corner is laughing her head off. Although this is an older video, you should definately have it in your collection.

Country: Japan
Studio: Zenra Soft On Demand
Release Date: 2002-10-05

mp4 - 720x540 - 141min - 3Gb
AutorNatureTagsNude Art Naturism Nudism Documentary Japan Music nude at work
Date 17-04-2015, 19:27, Download 4 920 Comments 1